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Currency Server Features

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Features include:

  • Support for a wide and diverse set of exchange rate data formats, protocols and providers (both subscription-based and free services), plus plug-in filters (sample source code included) to handle custom formats.
  • User-friendly configuration through Currency Server Manager.
  • COM interface, implemented as a high performance in-process server, includes both 32-bit and 64-bit code, provides currency functionality to local and remote (DCOM-enabled) clients.
  • .NET interface, written in managed C++ (not a re-wrapped COM component), for both local and remote clients on the .NET platform for XML web services.
  • SOAP interface provides XML-based currency functionality to local and remote clients on any platform.
  • JavaScript interface for lightweight and compatible Ajax-like web integration (convert-as-you-type fields, widgets, etc.) Script, code and currency properties can be regenerated as a single file when rates are updated, for a stand-alone experience that is fast, cacheable and free of third-party dependencies.
  • The three access interfaces with local and remote support provide support for virtually unlimited programming environments (C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, ASP, Visual Basic, VBS, SQL, Excel, CORBA, Java, JavaScript/ECMAScript/JScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, AppleScript, etc.)
  • Collection of exchange rate data can be invoked manually, via script or batch file, or through built-in or system scheduling.
  • Enterprise Edition supports simultaneous data collection from multiple FX feeds (for data aggregation, failover, cross-checks, etc.)
  • FX feed filters include ready-to-run modules, sample customizable plugins and an XPath-enabled universal XML data source plugin (to easily support new providers without changes to the software).
  • Output formats not only include XML, JavaScript, CSV, TSV, INI and other formats with several options, but also make it possible to emulate third-party feed formats for customers who need to replace legacy feeds without rewriting their own code.
  • Notifies administrators in case of unusual exchange rate fluctuations, lack of updates, software responsiveness and other issues relating to the connection or to the contents of the remote data (alerts via application log entries, on-screen information, SMTP engine and Windows messaging, e.g. email, pager, etc.)
  • One-click resume in case an FX feed is discontinued or becomes unavailable (FX feed may be changed at any time while retaining settings, code and all other work).
  • Caches the currency data and keeps satisfying client requests even when the remote exchange rate data is unavailable or corrupt. This is also true for the JavaScript code which may be generated by Currency Server, which is self-contained and independent (no need to load external XML or JSON data, etc.)
  • Optimized for performance. Individual client requests never cause unnecessary network or file accesses, but rather are satisfied accessing cached data, which is refreshed by a separate task. Benchmarks using the Automation interface resulted in the completion of more than 6000 exchange rate conversion requests per second per GHz per core (benchmarked on x86 Windows with IIS running).
  • Supports different types of data download (for exchange rate updates) and upload (for posts) protocols (FTP, WebDAV, file write, etc.), firewalls, proxy servers and network authentication systems (Windows NT Challenge/Response, etc.)
  • Monitors the status of the European Economic and Monetary Union as well as other similar institutions which may exist in the future, and deals with currencies joining it, becoming a sub-unit of another currency, being replaced by it, and even the unlikely possibility of a region abandoning an existing monetary union. Takes automatic actions and issues helpful information messages to administrators.
  • Knows how to properly triangulate and round to, from and between past and future euro currencies, as required by European Commission and local consumer protection regulations.
  • Rounding options can be manually changed for each currency.
  • Internationalization features (Unicode support, multi-language currency names, symbols, formats, etc.)
  • Designed and independently verified for 24x7 servers or workstations based on Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 (runs as a service, installation does usually not require reboot, etc.). Also runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and with limited support on Windows NT 4.0 SP6. (See System Requirements for more details.)
  • Easy integration with existing Quality Management System and Euro Changeover procedures, with documented roles and tasks.
  • Backed by 10 years of experience, improvements and support.
  • Everything included in the Enterprise Edition, or simple activation of optional Standard Edition add-ons from the Software tab in Currency Server Manager

Competitive Advantages

Benefits include:

  • Ever wondered where other tools get their exchange rate data? Is the data "official"? Does it require a subscription? Will the data always be available when you need it, or are you introducing a new single point of failure in your system? Currency Server supports free data provided by Cloanto, as well as your preferred provider of exchange rate data, and allows you to select a different provider with one click of the mouse. We will even work to support any provider of your choice, if we don't already support their data feeds.
  • Built-in support for past and future euro currencies (a currency has joined the EMU or has been replaced by the euro and your are still waiting for some developers to change their code?)
  • Mature and refined user interface and documentation. Currency Server is easier to deploy and easier to use than other tools, and was designed to make your life as an administrator easier, not more difficult.
  • Advanced administration, monitoring and notification features (issues like the FX feed unavailability, even if rare, may occur from time to time, and you quickly appreciate a piece of software that emails or pages you saying "There was a problem with the data source, but your e-commerce site is still running just fine.")
  • COM, .NET and SOAP Web service and JavaScript interfaces (you never know how your needs may change in the future).
  • Friendly support and development team who will assist you (standard support is free) and work with you to implement new features in case of need.
  • Helps increase your sales while reducing your costs: clients comparing the TCO of different tools and options especially appreciated the fact that Currency Server was easier to deploy and maintain, actually reduced problem and support cases, included support for future euro currencies, and offered a choice of both free and subscription-based rates.
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Additional Information

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