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A comprehensive family of currency solutions:
server software, web services and client apps.
Currency System solutions range from sophisticated server clusters, to e-commerce systems, to client-server and client-only solutions and everything in between. If you don't find a standard package to suit your needs please contact us and we'll work with you on a high-quality custom solution. > more
Currency Server
Server software puts you in control of currency updates and transactions
Exchange rate information and currency conversion services for COM and Web service clients. Downloads rates from multiple sources and caches data locally for maximum performance, reliability and independence. Supports all currencies and locales of the world, including past and future euro currencies. Deployed by Global 500 companies, government agencies, and in e-commerce and B2B sites worldwide. > more
Managed Services
Subscription-based Web services and data feeds, powered by Currency Server
For customers requiring a managed service without the performance and administration features provided by the Currency Server software itself. Services include both .NET and SOAP Web service options, and file-based feeds. The managed services can easily scale to in-house deployment of Currency Server at a later time, retaining the same interfaces and preserving existing code investment. > more
Web Tools
Increase your site's visibility and promote your brand with these powerful tools
Provide your websites and users with reliable and user-friendly currency converters, convert-as-you-type fields, pop-ups, gadgets, widgets, wallet sheets, and much more. Free to use, or powered by Currency Server under your own brand. > more
Fully customized calculator and currency conversion software
Brandable calculator engine featuring standard and advanced functionality, a spreadsheet interface, and skins (change the layout and functionality of the software, with effects like translucency, non-rectangular shapes and seamless integration of banners). Custom software and services, including support for currencies, are available for agencies, banks, websites and other redistribution partners, and for corporate deployment. > more
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Currency Converter
Cross Rates
USD - 1.086 1.29173 0.0064
EUR 0.92081 - 1.18944 0.00589
GBP 0.77415 0.84073 - 0.00496
JPY 156.206 169.64 201.777 -
  Official Rates (2024-07-23)
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Featured Customers
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