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Valued customers of Currency System software and services comprise a diverse range of organizations ranging from independent e-commerce stores to some of the largest public companies in the world.

Well-known clients include:

(Client listing options are outlined in the EULA, and privacy preferences are always taken into account)


"We have integrated Currency Server into our Financial Reporting System to retrieve over 60 exchange rates on a daily basis. Currency Server has provided us with the flexibility to choose from a host of different rate providers, allowing us to retrieve even some of the more obscure currencies we need to track on a daily basis. The only other alternative we found to provide us the same level of flexibility and coverage was from subscription services that charge a hefty monthly fee.

Currency Server is a solid product that is easy to implement and administer. The team have gone above and beyond expectations to ensure our satisfaction with Currency Server. I recommend it without reservation."

Marco Vaccaro
Technical Project Manager
Monitor Group LLP

"We decided to use Currency Server on an important project featuring a product database of over one million records and several hundred thousand changes per year. Currency Server now links into the main SQL database and outputs cost fields and basket totals dynamically in multiple currencies. This has improved the customer experience, increased orders and reduced the number of hours staff were spending on refunds and other currency-related mistakes. Because Currency Server runs on our systems, we are not exposing visitors to third-party cookies or plug-ins, and we are not subject to downtimes or network delays."

Ryan O'Neill
Technical Director
Access Communications Ltd.

"As the largest ancient coin site on the Internet, we were growing rapidly, but unable to make significant inroads outside the US. Currency Server helped us take our e-commerce system to the next level, and opened the door to Europe for us. We are now attracting dealers from across Europe, and that's directly attributable to Currency Server."

Bill Puetz

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