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Tools Powered by Currency Server

Currency Server can dynamically generate JavaScript code (also known as ECMAScript or JScript) that not only contains a programming interface (the Currency System Script Library), but also embeds in the code file itself the up-to-date currency properties required for operation. This offers several advantages, because as long as the server-side JavaScript code is refreshed periodically by Currency Server as part of regular currency data updates, no further online accesses are required by clients at runtime, resulting in self-contained JavaScript code that is faster, cacheable, simpler, more compatible and less affected by network latencies or errors. This approach offers Ajax benefits without some of the traditional Ajax communications overhead and browser requirements, as no separate data files need to be processed. The code generated by Currency Server was designed to be compatible with JavaScript 1.2 or higher.

The same data can also be exported in formats like XML and JSON.

Feel free to try out the Currency Server software and documentation, which makes it possible for anyone to easily build a variety of client applications.

Currency Server support for scripting clients 
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