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This page allows you to download the latest version of the software and documentation. The same software setup file can be used both for evaluation purposes (if unregistered) and to install or upgrade a production version. If you purchase a license for software which has already been installed just open the Software tab of Currency Server Manager to enter the license key and other details.

If your browser gives you the option to either save the file to disk, or open it directly, we recommend to save it to disk first, and open it from there after the download is complete.

All our Windows software is digitally signed, so that it can be verified where the executable comes from, and whether the file is incomplete, corrupt or has otherwise been modified (e.g. by a virus). Both the setup file and the program executable files (EXE and DLL files) are signed. To verify the digital signature, select Properties/Digital Signatures on the desired file.

Currency Server Software

Click below to download the latest version of the Currency Server software (which includes documentation):

Download Currency Server cssetup.exe

The unregistered software will remain functional for 7 days by default. A free extended evaluation key can be requested.

Currency Server Documentation

The documentation in PDF format is also available for stand-alone download:

Currency Server Code Samples

Additional example files are also available.

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