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The Standard Edition and the Enterprise Edition of Currency Server differ in some of the more advanced features.

The following options are included in the Enterprise Edition, but not in the basic Standard Edition:

  • Multiple FX Feeds (to aggregate or cross-check data, for redundancy, etc.)
  • Web Service Clients (one license for each remote client, or one Unlimited Web Service Clients license)
  • CPU Upgrades (for servers with more than four CPU cores)

It is always possible to add individual features to the Standard Edition, or to upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Enterprise Edition, thereby activating all features.

Some commercial (subscription-based) third-party services may optionally be combined with either version of Currency Server:

  • Exchange rate data subscription (not required for the free feeds offered by the many public and official sources which are supported by the software)

Commercial FX feed subscriptions are optional, i.e. they are not required for the operation of Currency Server. All versions of Currency Server also work with feeds by Currency System, and other free and official feeds.

Multiple FX Feeds

The standard version of Currency Server supports exchange rate data updates from a single FX feed of your choice. The data source can be changed at any time, however data aggregation, cross-checks and failover involving multiple sources are not supported in the standard configuration. If you require this advanced feature, then you need the Multiple FX Feeds license (which is included in the Enterprise Edition).

Web Service Clients

The software license provided with the Standard Edition allows for direct access to the software interfaces from unlimited local clients, and places no limitations on local or remote client access once the data has been exported or otherwise processed (via SQL, ASP, file upload, etc.) More specifically, COM clients never need a separate client license.

If the Currency Server software itself is accessed directly by remote clients via the Web service interface, then one Web service client license is required for each client accessing the Currency Server Standard Edition software, or a single Unlimited Web Service Clients or Currency Server Enterprise Edition license is required for access by unlimited clients.

The Unlimited Web Service Clients license becomes less expensive than the sum of the individual client licenses after about 10 individual client licenses. If you prefer to purchase individual licenses you will be able to replace them with an unlimited clients license at no additional cost after you reach 12 client licenses. Upgrading to the Enterprise Edition may also be a viable option.


The Standard Edition of Currency Server is licensed for a single server with up to four CPU cores. In order to run Currency Server on servers with more than four CPU cores you can check the number of CPU cores in the Software tab of Currency Server Manager (e.g. if an evaluation version is installed) and then select the appropriate CPU Upgrade license from the Online Store. Each CPU upgrade doubles the number of licensed CPU cores (the Enterprise Edition is licensed for unlimited CPU cores).

FX Feed Subscriptions

No options or add-ons are required to access exchange rate data, unless the data source itself requires a subscription. The Currency Server software supports multiple free and official feeds that do not require a subscription, in which case there are no costs other than the software license itself. The software license does not limit in any way the currency exchange rate data that can be accessed with the software, or the use that can be made with said data. This type of restriction, if any, is usually set by the specific data provider. Some of the supported providers, especially private providers, do place some limitations on data use and redistribution, typically including at least some disclaimers, but most public and official institutions do not place restrictions on the use of the data.

Cloanto itself provides both a managed service (not required or intended for use by Currency Server) and a data feed for use by Currency Server. The managed services are unrelated from the Currency Server offering (the software does not make any use of this data or service). The dedicated data feed, instead, is free for Currency Server clients, and complements additional free and subscription-based offerings by third parties, which are all supported by the software.

Additional Options

The software can further be extended by adding the following types of custom components:

  • FX feed Filters (e.g. to support new FX feeds)
  • Client Validation Modules (e.g. to implement custom subscription-based services)
  • Custom Action Modules (e.g. to upload data to a remote server, or feed data into a database)

Currency Server includes detailed development documentation for the above items. Examples and source code are also available. Custom development services are also available.

Currency Server ships with several FX feed filters. These filters are also available under a source code license.

Volume licenses, site licenses, ISP licenses and FX feed software bundling options are also available.

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