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Adding Support for a New FX Feed


Q: Can I use Currency Server to fetch data from a currently unsupported source of foreign exchange rate (FX) data?


A: Yes. There are at least four options:

  • If the data is in XML format you can use the Universal XML Filter (fully documented under Add-On Components in the Currency Server Documentation), taking advantage of the built-in XML parser and XPath (XML Path Language) interpreter
  • If the data is in an unsupported non-XML format or protocol you can write a small plug-in filter application (see FX Feed Filters, under Add-On Components in the Currency Server Documentation)
  • You can request either of the above to be done as a custom project for you
  • If a FX feed which is directly supported by the software is affected by a change in access protocol or format, and if your software version is current, you can usually download and install an updated filter at no charge via Software Director within a short time from the change
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Last Update: 2008-11-26
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