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System Overview
Currency Server
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Currency Server Overview

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Currency Server was designed to be the most advanced currency-enabling component on the market. It provides exchange rate information and currency internationalization, conversion and rounding services via COM, .NET and SOAP Web services, and Ajax-style scripting. Currency Server supports more clients, more platforms, and a larger number of independent providers of exchange rate data than other tools.

By working locally rather than relying on remote servers for each transaction, Currency Server provides a unique level of performance, reliability and independence. The service is always available to satisfy thousands of information and conversion requests per second. Support for a variety of data providers (both free and subscription-based) and advanced administration notification options assure fault tolerance and peace of mind.

When the software is implemented on a web server, visitors can see prices in their "language" without having to use third-party sites for currency-related services and without being subject to external pop-ups, frames, advertising and cookies. Currency Server is one of the fastest and most cost-effective tools to add value to an e-commerce site. Either alone or as part of a complete internationalization effort, Currency Server can easily plug into an existing system and open up a new world of opportunities and user experience.


Possible applications include:

  • E-commerce - Integration with web or commerce server to create a dual-currency or multi-currency shopping site (customers see prices in currency of their choice)
  • Back-office - Interfacing with database, accounting, procurement, expense management, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Information - Web-based currency converters, widgets, popups, or maintenance of exchange rate data files (e.g. to post exchange rates in XML, CSV or HTML format, or for custom clients)
  • Web services - Use as a .NET or SOAP server to provide web services to remote clients
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