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List of Major Changes in Currency Server 5


Q: What are the most significant new features and changes introduced in version 5?


A: Please note that this article is about a non-current version of Currency Server.

Currency Server 5 draws on the experience of more than 15 years of currency-related solutions and the evolving needs of our customers in an increasingly dynamic and interconnected web environment. The new software is accompanied by a restructured website, new code examples and new documentation, now also available in PDF format.

The most significant new features of version 5 are:

  • New Standard and Enterprise editions. The Enterprise Edition includes all optional modules (Multiple FX Feeds, Unlimited Web Service Clients) and has no limit on CPU cores. Optional add-ons remain supported in the Standard Edition (which is now licensed for 4 CPU cores).
  • New JavaScript output and API for lightweight and compatible Ajax-like web integration (convert-as-you-type fields, widgets, etc.)
  • Post-Update Actions can now be defined directly in the Clients tab of Currency Server Manager (rather than via external scripts). The actions include exporting to file, uploading to server (FTP, WebDAV, etc.), and executing a script or application.
  • Increasing list of data export formats, including XML, JavaScript, CSV, TSV, INI, as well as emulation of third-party feed formats for customers who need to replace legacy feeds without rewriting their code.
  • Easier initial setup via Populate button (in Active Currencies tab of Currency Server Manager)
  • Support for new FX feeds and data formats.
  • Each currency may now be hard-assigned to a specific FX feed. This allows for more precise aggregation of data from multiple feeds.
  • Added pervasive support for FX feed subscription expiration and renewal, if supplied by the data provider (commercial feeds only, does not apply to free feeds). Support for these new feed properties was added to the Universal XML filter. Service expiration reminders were included among the administrative notifications.
  • New monitoring and logging options are included in the Notifications tab of Currency Server Manager.
  • Currency World Monitor added as a supported feed provided by Cloanto's Currency System platform. The (optional) feed is currently provided as a free service to all software customers. It provides non-exchange rate data updates (e.g. notification of new currencies, name changes, EMU status changes, etc.) for all currencies of the world.
  • The COM/ActiveX and .NET interfaces have been both streamlined and extended, while preserving compatible interfaces for legacy code. New features include the ability to programmatically set FX feeds and their access mode, to export data in XML and other formats on the fly, and to access the properties of all currencies (opposed to active currencies only).
  • New currency properties include Currency Rank (High, Medium, Low), localized names for the entity (official and short country or institution name), subunit, and plural names.
  • Enhanced support for Windows Server 2008 to 2022 and Windows Vista to Windows 11 versions

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