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Currency Server 4.x to 5.x/6.x Migration Guide


Q: Can I simply install version 5 or 6 on top of a previous version 4 installation? Will my existing COM/ActiveX and .NET/Web service code continue to work?


A: In general, the answer is Yes. Cross-version compatibility has always been a priority during the development of new versions of the software.

More specifically:

  • Software License Keys - Unless you wish to use the software in evaluation mode, a Currency Server 5 or 6 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition license key (available here) is required.
  • Add-On Component License Keys - Licenses for Currency Server 4 add-on components remain valid and functional (no upgrade required) under Currency Server 5 or 6 Standard Edition. They are also retained if upgrading to the Enterprise Edition, but in this case they are redundant (the Enterprise Edition includes all add-ons, including Multiple FX Feeds, Unlimited Web Service Clients, and support for unlimited CPU cores).
  • Software Settings - When installing Currency Server 5 or 6 on top of any previous version, the settings of the previous version are imported (see KB 17-113 for details on 32-bit to 64-bit migration).
  • Post-Update Actions - The previous versions of Currency Server allowed for a single post-update executable to be set in the Clients tab of Currency Server Manager. Currency Server 5 and 6 allow for multiple post-update actions of type Write, Upload or Execute. Upon upgrading to version 5 or 6, a previous post-update action, if present, is converted to an instance of the new Execute post-update action.
  • COM/ActiveX Interface - Access points compatible with previous 3.x and 4.x versions are retained for both early binding and late binding clients. Legacy-compatible interfaces are provided even for new installations. If you would like to make active use of new 5.x objects (which are also used in Currency Server 6) you need to reference the new CurrencyServer.Application root object, rather than the old CloantoCurrencyServer.Server. If you are intentionally converting existing applications from the old root to the new root you need to also rename or otherwise slightly edit a few properties and methods, as listed under Upgrading to the 5.x Interface, in The COM/ActiveX Interface chapter of the documentation (PDF File).
  • .NET/SOAP Interface - ASMX and WSDL access points compatible with previous versions (CloantoCurrencyServer.asmx and CurrencyServer.asmx) are retained. A 4.x-compatible interface is provided even on new installations. Any existing custom access points are also preserved. If you would like to make active use of new version 5/6 objects you need to reference the new CurrencyServer5.asmx access point. If you are explicitly converting existing version 4 and older applications to access the features offered by the new version you need to rename or otherwise slightly edit a few properties and methods which are listed in the Legacy Support chapter of the documentation (PDF File).

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