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Currency Server 32-bit to 64-bit Migration Guide


Q: Is there a way to move an existing Currency Server configuration from a 32-bit (legacy Windows) system to a new 64-bit system without reconfiguring everything manually?


A: Yes, there are two options.

If the source and destination systems are already running the same latest version of Currency Server:

  1. On the source system, select SaveConfiguration.vbs from the Actions menu in the Currency Server notification area icon. This will export the entire configuration, except for the license details.
  2. On the destination system, load the saved file using LoadConfiguration.vbs. Then enter or paste the license details in the Software tab of Currency Server Manager.
  3. Verify that everything works as intended.

If the legacy (32-bit) system is running an older version of Currency Server:

  1. On the source (32-bit) system, export the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cloanto\Currency Server registry key.
  2. Open the saved registry file with a Unicode-enable editor like Notepad, and replace all instances of "Program Files" with "Program Files (x86)", and "SOFTWARE\Cloanto" with "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Cloanto". Make sure that all paths (including the log directories, if set) match the intended paths on the new system.
  3. On the destination (64-bit) system, import the edited registry file.
  4. On the destination system, install the latest version of Currency Server. The installer will detect and process the imported registry details, even if they originated from a previous version of Currency Server.
  5. Enter the license details during installation, or in the Software tab of Currency Server Manager.
  6. Verify that everything works as intended.

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