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List of Major Changes in Currency Server 4


Q: What are the most significant new features and changes introduced in version 4?


A: Please note that this article is about a non-current version of Currency Server.

The most significant new features introduced in version 4 are:

  • Built-in support for all currencies and locales of the world (with manual or automatic updates)
  • Specific support for EMU currencies as their status changes (includes support for past and future euro currencies)
  • Internationalization features (Unicode support, multi-language currency names, symbols, formats, etc.)
  • Find most likely currency by internet TLD, country code, Windows LCID and numerical currency code
  • Output formatted currency values, names and symbols as HTML code
  • DCOM-compatible COM/ActiveX interface
  • Managed .NET code, including SOAP interface for remote Web service clients on any platform
  • New Currency Server Manager user interface (with quick access via notification area icon)
  • New options to support multiple FX servers (for data aggregation, failover, cross-checks, etc.)
  • New monitoring features (fluctuations, lack of updates, software responsiveness, etc.)
  • New and improved notification functionality (SMTP, redesigned single-window on-screen messages, etc.)
  • Security sandbox
  • Automatic post-update action (e.g. to export to XML, INI, CSV or SQL)
  • Plug-in filters (with sample source code) offer virtually unlimited support for different data providers, protocols and formats
  • New XPath-enabled universal XML data source filter (for easier support of new providers)
  • Built-in support for new data formats and for additional providers of exchange rate data
  • Advanced deployment options via Windows Installer (MSI) technology or by copying .NET assembly and Web service files
  • Deployment profiles can be saved to file for one-step configuration (e.g. from staging to production system)
  • Easier integration with existing Quality Management System and Euro Changeover procedures
  • Enhanced support for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, .NET Framework 1.1, Terminal Services, Office System 2003 and hyper-threading CPUs
  • Simple activation of optional add-ons from the Software tab in Currency Server Manager

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