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History of Currency Server Add-Ons and Upgrades


Q: What are the differences between the various editions and versions of Currency Server that have been released? What optional components and upgrade paths are or were available?


A: This document outlines the differences between various editions of past versions of Currency Server. For additional information about current (not past) add-on and upgrade options, and for a timeline of software changes please refer to the following sections:

Currency Server 5.x

Currency Server 5.x is the current version, and is available in two editions: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

The Enterprise Edition includes all add-ons which were previously available separately (Multiple FX Feeds, Unlimited Web Service Clients, no limit on CPU cores). At the same time, all add-on licenses and components introduced in version 4.x remain valid and functional for version 5.x, where they can be used with the Standard Edition (they also may be left in place when upgrading to the Enterprise Edition, but they are ignored).

For additional information on add-ons and upgrades please refer to the Currency Server homepage.

Currency Server 4.x

Currency Server 4.x is no longer available, although it remains supported.

Prior to version 4.0, Currency Server was available in different editions (Professional, Commerce, Universal). Beginning with version 4.0 the software is available in a single, unified version, with separate add-on components and licenses.

Version 4.x is still current. For additional information on add-ons and upgrades please refer to the Currency Server homepage.

Currency Server 3.x

Currency Server 3.x is no longer available, although it remains supported.

There are only two differences between the Universal and the Commerce Edition of Currency Server 3.x:

  • The Universal Edition runs on servers with any number of CPUs, whereas the Commerce Edition is licensed for one CPU only.
  • The Universal Edition includes COM, .NET and .SOAP interfaces, whereas the Commerce Edition only includes the COM interface.

An upgrade is available from one version to the other. The installation of the upgrade preserves the existing configuration. You can also go to the About tab of Currency Server Manager and click the Upgrade button, without reinstalling the software.

If you purchased version 2.x of the Commerce Edition of the software your license is automatically upgraded to the level of the Universal Edition when you install version 3.x (you do not need to purchase the upgrade from Commercial to Universal). The 2.x Professional Edition can also be upgraded to version 3.x, however the software will continue to maintain the functional and licensing limitations applicable to the original Professional product.

Currency Server 1.x and 2.x

Currency Server 1.x and 2.x are no longer available, although it remains supported.

Before the release of version 3.0, Currency Server also came in a lower-end Professional Edition. Because of overwhelming demand for the more sophisticated features of the Commerce and Universal Editions, and in consideration of the repositioning of the Commerce Edition, the Professional Edition is no longer being offered. The Professional Edition will continue to remain a supported feature of Currency Server for all existing users who already own a Professional Edition and wish to upgrade their software to a newer version without "cross-grading" to the Universal Edition.

The Professional Edition does not support the following features of the Commerce and Universal editions:

  • Windows Messaging (email, pager, short messages, etc.) to send warnings and error messages.
  • Logging of events to the system application log.
  • License to use on servers or in direct or indirect connection with internet, database and remote client applications.

The Professional Edition can only display warning and error messages on the local screen. Use on personal workstations, and integration with non-server database and other productivity applications is allowed.

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