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Cost Analysis

It is our policy to publish prices for standard software and services, and to maintain consistent pricing for non-standard solutions requiring special attention.

Standard Software and Services

The cost (in US dollars) for a fully functional currency-enabling system starts from:

  • $995.00 for the Currency Server software (one-time software license for one CPU, with no additional subscriptions required; be sure to also check the available options)
  • $295.00/year for a managed solution (subscription-based service, no one-time fees)

Free vs. Commercial Data Providers

The Currency Server software supports both free and official FX feeds (foreign exchange rate data), including an aggregated feed provided as part of the Currency System platform, and commercial (subscription-based) services:

The Price of Freedom

The currency System family aims to deliver something that has no price, i.e. the freedom to change provider of exchange rate data with one mouse click, and the freedom to switch from a managed Web service to locally-deployed software, all without changing a single line of your existing code.

Detailed Analysis

The White Papers section includes two documents which analyze Currency System costs in relation to in-house development and to third-party offerings:

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