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Quality Statement

Each and every component of the Currency System family was designed to reflect our commitment to superior standards of innovation, usability, quality and service.

In particular:

  • We encourage you to take a free test drive at the server software and its documentation, the Web services, and the client software to appreciate aspects such as ease of use, attention to detail, documentation, etc.
  • Certifications and TestsCurrency System spun out of Cloanto, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • The software and Web services successfully passed independent tests by N3, VeriTest and others: Currency Server passed multiple Windows Server tests (Certified for Windows Server 2012 R2, Certified for Windows Server 2012, Verified for Windows Server 2003, etc.), the Currency System Web service passed .NET Connected Logo testing, and the client engine similarly passed various formal tests (from the latest Windows 11 tests to the original Verified for Windows XP)
  • All Windows executable files are digitally signed with Authenticode technology to assure their origin and integrity
  • Each version of every binary file for Windows is integrated with the Windows Error Reporting (WER) system for additional defect tracking purposes
  • As part of our policy of transparency and disclosure we maintain and make accessible changelogs and documents relating to past software versions
  • It is also our policy to disclose known bugs and to promptly publish free updates if necessary (see the Changelog of each product, e.g. the log for Currency Server)
  • We use multiple Web service and data feed servers hosted at major independent data centers in different states,supported by redundant DNS and internet backbone connections, automatic DoS attack countermeasures, etc.
  • Our emergency and Help Desk (premium service) operations run 24x7, and are assisted by elements such as direct satellite links, and backup and transition plans to handle local disasters
  • You may also want to see what some of our existing customers have to say
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