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Currency Server Setup


Q: How long does it take to setup and use the software? Is there a quick step-by-step guide?


A: While the software documentation includes full background and reference information, we also tried to make it very simple to set up Currency Server and get familiar with it.

The Currency Server documentation includes a step-by-step Up and Running in 5 Minutes section (under Initial Configuration, in Getting Started).

If you prefer a "hands on" approach, open Currency Server Manager (the administration front-end), which can quickly be accessed by double-clicking the Currency Server notification area icon. For a quick assisted setup go to the Active Currencies tab and click the Populate button. Context help is always available during use of Currency Server Manager by pressing F1, or by clicking the Help button, and then the item for which you need instructions.

After you configure the software, which is a one-time procedure, follow the remaining sections in the Getting Started chapter for code examples, a quality checklist, and recommendations for maintenance and administration. This shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes.

As for longer term maintenance and operations, the software was not only designed to be easy to set up, but it aims to reduce, rather than increase, the overhead associated with having to deal with the world of currencies. You will no longer need to manually import currencies, and you will be alerted in case of events such as new currencies, lack of changes, or unusual fluctuations.

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