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Exchange Rate Data not Up to Date


WorldCalc, Euro Calculator and custom calculators created with Calculator Builder can be programmed to automatically update exchange rate data. This article discusses possible cases in which the update may fail or be perceived as having failed.


The Information tab of the program options lists the contents of any information fields that were included with the currency exchange rate data which was last accessed.

Options Dialog, Information Tab

This includes a date field, which usually is the publication date of the data. Some data providers also include time information. The software does not fill-in the data based on the time of the data collection, but only uses the original date information provided with the currency data.

If you believe that the date is older than it should be, please consider that on weekends and on certain festivities official exchange rates do not change or get updated.

Old data could be caused by the fact that some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cache data, i.e. they store and access local copies of the data instead of using the original file on the internet. This should normally not happen, as the HTTP protocol normally used to access currency data on the internet includes certain procedures to avoid that old data is served to the client. However, certain ISPs prefer to quickly give old data to the user, rather than slowly give fresh data, and therefore set their configuration accordingly. If you believe that this is happening, try and manually select Update Now a few times in a row, and verify the date again. If it is still old, open the Data Source Address with a web browser. If that page does not appear to contain any exchange rate data, look for a field named "Next =", and paste the address which appears after the equal sign into the browser address field. When you find the fields with the exchange rate data and date, try and repeatedly select the Refresh button on the browser, and see if that causes the data to be updated. If you can solve the problem in this way, kindly report the issue to Technical Support, mentioning who your ISP is, and how many times you must select Update Now or Refresh. We will do our best to study and solve the problem.

Currency Server features advanced administration options which make it possible to automatically inform you by email, by pager or using other messaging protocols if the exchange rates are outdated. Please refer to the Currency Server documentation for instructions.

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