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Calculator Builder

The Calculator Builder package allows agencies, designers and other organizations to build up to 25 redistributable custom calculators in complete independence. This is the same set of reference documentation and tools used by Cloanto when creating custom calculators for clients, and is an ideal tool for clients operating in EMU transition regions.

The product includes:

  • Set of redistributable and example calculator files
  • 25 unlimited redistribution licenses and license keys
  • Documentation to customize the visual appearance of the calculator ("skin.ini" file in calculator distribution)
  • Documentation to customize and lock functional aspects, name, URLs, etc. ("custom.ini" file in calculator distribution)
  • Documentation for the configuration of the server side (Currency Server and/or web server)
  • Private access to Web service to sign the redistribution package by using a unique license key and a custom.ini file

The Calculator Builder package allows for unlimited testing. The licenses which are included allow for the final release of up to 25 different redistributable calculators by up to 25 different redistribution entities (typically, clients of the Calculator Builder licensee). Once a key has been used, visual modifications to a skin are still possible, but functional changes (e.g. different link URL on skin) require a new license. Sets of additional licenses are available at a discount price.

Calculator Builder is a special order. Please contact Sales for additional information.

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