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Euro Calculator

Euro Calculator is a standard package featuring currency conversion functionality and a specific focus on the currencies of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Euro Calculator is an example of what can be achieved with the customization options of the calculator and currency conversion engine.

Euro Calculator combines features of the customizable calculators with Currency Server technology, resulting in:

  • A standard calculator with a reconfigurable user interface (the first such software to support "skins")
  • A currency converter with built-in euro rates and spreadsheet interface
  • An internet agent that brings official exchange rates to your desk (e.g. to convert to and from USD, GBP and euro currencies)
  • An exciting promotional medium that can be customized, branded and redistributed by webmasters, advertising agencies, banks and other organizations

The calculator and euro conversion features are free: you can download the software right now, and use it with no limitations and no annoying registration messages.

Professional features, like the online collection of non-euro exchange rates, LAN-based configuration for corporate deployment, and the conversion of spreadsheet cell data are free for a 30-day evaluation period, after which they require a license, which costs $19.95 (registration for a single user).

All user interface items, including the size, shape, graphics and functionality of the calculator can be configured with external "skin" files. The Skins page includes download links and skin creation documentation.

Custom packages and licenses are available to meet needs such as large numbers of installations, modifications to the software and special branding and redistribution requirements. Configurations with dozens of preinstalled skins are available for installation on magazine cover CDs.

Additional and more specialized features are available in the Currency Server and Calculator Builder products.

Custom Licenses and Versions

If you are interested in a custom version of the software, or in a site license, please contact Sales.

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