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Quality Checklist

It is recommended that the web service or data feed client be tested against the condition in which the service returns an error, for example because the subscription has expired. To test this case, use the license key "00000-00000-00000-00000".

Should there be an error fetching new data, either with a specific return value from the server (e.g. expired subscription or daily quota exceeded) or due to a generic reasons (e.g. network problems), the following recommendations apply:

  • After a pause of at least 30 seconds, the client should retry the access at least once
  • If the error persists, a notification (e.g. email) should be sent to the person in charge of screening such events
  • Unless local procedures require otherwise, all other systems should continue to operate normally, using the existing (previously loaded) data

Although the web service and data feed are powered by a set of redundant and load-balanced servers, a secondary system is in place to be accessed as a backup in case of catastrophic failures.

When the Currency Server software acts as a client (relative to other FX feeds), it includes monitoring, failover and notification functionality similar to the above, plus additional logic for failsafe operations. Additional quality and procedural guidelines are included under "Getting Started", in the software documentation.

An "expired" subscription, or a spam filter, changed email address or expired credit card alone will not cause a service interruption. Service renewal notifications are sent and repeated well ahead of the renewal date, and we will always try to contact a customer via alternate means to get positive confirmation before terminating a service.

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