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Managed Services Hosts, URLs and IP Addresses


Q: What are the host names, IP address ranges and URLs used by the Currency System managed service offering?


A: Currency System managed services are provided via the following endpoints:

  • (primary services)
  • (backup)

The load-balanced IP addresses are:

  • (since March 2014)
  • (since March 2014)

File-based feeds are accessed via URLs in the "" format.

Web service URLs begin with "".

Client Apps

Currency System calculator and converter apps access private static data hosted on Windows Azure managed CDN nodes, which do not have narrowly defined IP address ranges.

Backup Systems

Backup systems are always on live standby using alternate geographic regions and DNS providers, for automatic failover. They can also be accessed directly under the alternate host name and domain ( instead of

Legacy Support

Additional host names such as remain supported for legacy application access. Feed and web service access URLs are versioned to ensure long-term stability and compatibility.
To update earlier file-based URLs to access the latest version 5 interface and data, replace "<arguments>" or "<x>.fx?<arguments>" (where <x> is a version number) with "<arguments>".
To update earlier web service URLs to access the latest version 5 interface, use the "CurrencyServer5.asmx" access point. "CurrencyServer4.asmx" and other previous-version access points remain available for legacy support. The documentation ("Legacy Support", under "Programming Interfaces") includes a detailed list of changes between versions.

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