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Registered Version of WorldCalc and Euro Calculator


Q: What are the differences between the unregistered and the registered software?


A: Registration permanently enables advanced features such as online exchange rate updates and LAN-based administration, which are otherwise only available for a 30-day evaluation period. If you would like to register and have already installed the unregistered version, you only need to purchase a license key, without having to download and reinstall a new version of the program.

Some free, unregistered versions of the software, when used with certain data providers, may display advertising information on the calculator skin, e.g. banners downloaded together with the exchange rate information. In the default configuration, the registered version of the software offered by Cloanto does not make use of any type of advertising.

After registration, you can always download at no cost a newer 3.x version of the software and install it over the previous version, without losing configuration or registration data.

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Last Update: 2008-10-25
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