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Bug in ConvertToStr() and RateStr() Localization Functionality


Versions of the Currency Server software prior to 5.0 have a bug in the ConvertToStr() and RateStr() localization option which may in rare cases lead to incorrect results. The recommended workaround is to use these functions without the localization option. Currency Server 5.0 is not affected by the issue.


The ConvertToStr() and RateStr() functions have an optional formatting option. If this is enabled, in some rare cases the system localization functionality for the rounding and conversion from digits to string of currency amounts and the built-in functions of Currency Server have a difference in precision which can cause a numerical error in the formatted string.

Because of this bug, it is recommended that formatting be disabled by setting the Format string parameter to "+".

Rounding is not affected by this issue. Results obtained via ConvertToNum() and RateNum() are not affected by this issue.

Customers have been notified about this issue via email and by a software update message.

Article Information
Article ID: 18-101
Platform: Windows
Products: Currency Server
Additional Keywords: None
Last Update: 2008-10-25
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