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International Holidays


Q: Are official exchange rates updated every day?


A: Official rates by national central banks in most Western countries are usually published daily Monday to Friday, except on holidays. On days where rates are not published, like on weekends, the last-published rates remain in effect.

Internationally recognized public holidays (bank holidays) include:

  • January 1st (New Year's Day)
  • Good Friday (the Friday preceding Easter Sunday in Western Christianity)
  • Easter Monday (Western Christianity)
  • May 1st (Labor Day)
  • December 25 and 26

On these closing days many settlement systems, including TARGET (Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer), are not available, and rates are not published.

Central banks in Russia and some other countries follow an extended New Year break from the end of December or early January to the Orthodox Christmas Day on or near January 7.

Some central banks follow a Muslim Sunday-Thursday workweek.

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