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Support for More than 50 Accesses per Day


Q: Does your Managed Services offering include services beyond "Level 1" (50 accesses per day)?


A: In order to ensure that all customers benefit from a reliable and responsive managed service, the Managed Services offering includes a daily limit to the maximum number of accesses for each subscription.

The Level 1 offering (up to 50 accesses per day) was designed to fully meet the requirements of clients needing daily updates for exchange rates and other currency properties. Because the properties for multiple currencies can be fetched with a single query, up to 50 accesses to the entire data set are possible during any given day. Additional accesses can be set up for testing and development purposes.

The Level 1 offering was not designed for a high volume of transactions, e.g. for performing a multitude of individual conversions rather than just fetching the rates and do the conversions locally. We currently recommend local deployment of the Currency Server software to best meet this type of need.

"Level 2" and higher volume levels for the managed services are being considered for broader future introduction, but are currently provided only on a case by case basis.

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Last Update: 2018-07-05
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