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Support for Historical Rates


Q: Does Currency Server support historical (non-current) rates?


A: Currency Server does not directly support historical rates. It is however possible to configure Currency Server to fetch current rates and to store these rates into a historical database of daily rates. Several customers of the software have their systems set up in this way.

The Currency Server Documentation includes an example, titled "A Simple SQL Interface" (under "Code Examples", in "Getting Started)", where Currency Server is configured to feed the current set of exchange rate data into an SQL Server system. The software includes an option to invoke such a custom action only after certain conditions are met, e.g. a successful exchange rate data update, or a successful update with an actual change in the exchange rate data.

Support for historical exchange rate data is planned for a future version of Currency Server. Since Currency Server was designed to interface with a variety of exchange rate data providers, and to support non-exchange rate properties such as Regime status (e.g. EMU vs. non-EMU) and changing currency codes and names, a transparent implementation has to take all of these factors into account, without exposing the underlying complexity. This type of support can only be part of a major upgrade which is not expected anytime soon.

In order to guarantee backward and forward compatibility, the Web service interface of Currency Server already takes the possibility of future built-in support for historical rates into account, by allowing for a Date parameter (which currently has to be left blank) in certain operations.

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