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Manual Installation of Currency Server Web Service Files


Q: Can I manually install the Currency Server Web service?


A: Yes. The functionality of the Currency Server Web service is provided by two files which only need to be copied to a virtual directory of an Internet Information Services (IIS) website. A copy of these files is stored in the "Web Service" directory of the Currency Server installation directory.

The "CurrencyServer.dll" file ("Cloanto.Web.Services.CurrencyServer.dll" in Currency Server 4.x) is known as the .NET assembly, and also contains the assembly manifest. The Currency Server .NET assembly is strong-named to allow for installation as a shared assembly into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). A shared assembly can be used from other assemblies on the server, regardless of their location.

The "CurrencyServer5.asmx" file ("CloantoCurrencyServer.asmx" in Currency Server 4.x) is the Web service entry point in IIS. You may rename this file if you wish. The .asmx file contains a reference to the .NET assembly file, which must be located either in the "bin" subdirectory, or in the GAC.

To manually install the Currency Server Web service copy "CurrencyServer5.asmx" to the root of the desired IIS virtual directory and "CurrencyServer.dll" to the "bin" subdirectory of the virtual directory (unless you installed the .NET assembly in the GAC).


  • Version 2.0 or higher of the Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed
  • Make sure that the Execute Permissions for the virtual directory are set to either "Scripts Only", or "Scripts and Executables"
  • In IIS, the ASP.NET Web Service Extension must be Allowed (if it is Prohibited, opening the .asmx page will result in a 404 error)

You can install multiple instances (even different versions) of the Web service files to different virtual directories.


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