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Sorting Operations by Name in Web Service Help Page


Q: When I open the Currency Server Web service help page, the methods are listed in what appears to be random order. Can I list them alphabetically?


A: Yes. By default a hash function is used for performance reasons, however this can be replaced by alphabetical sorting. To modify this behavior you need to edit one line in the "DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx" file, located in the CONFIG directory of the default installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework (i.e. "%WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\version\CONFIG").

Replace this line:

Hashtable methodsTable = new Hashtable();

with this line:

SortedList methodsTable = new SortedList();

The change will affect all Web services installed on the same machine.

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Article ID: 13-171
Platform: Windows
Products: Currency Server
Additional Keywords: CurrencyServer5.asmx, CloantoCurrencyServer.asmx
Last Update: 2008-10-25
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