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Samples Gallery

This page contains a small sampler of skins designed for Cloanto's calculator and currency conversion clients. A larger selection, featuring over 100 different calculator skins, is available in the Gallery.

Blue Card, by Cloanto Euro Blue Card, by Cloanto

Gold, by Cloanto Euro Gold, by Cloanto Euro Silver, by Cloanto

Euro Note, by Cloanto

Euro Coin, by Cloanto Euro Emblem, by Cloanto

Euro Shop, by Cloanto

Red Glass, by Cloanto Euro Red Glass, by Cloanto

Euro², by Cloanto

SkinCalc, by Cloanto SkinCalc Pro, by Cloanto

WorldCalc Vertical, by CloantoWorldCalc Horizontal, by Cloanto

Aqua, by Disciple Rewind, by moshi Jaguar Brushed 2, by Iceman

Eurostick, by zad

Rockford 78, by King Pelvis Rockford GoldCard, by King Pelvis

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