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Currency Server
Managed Services
Web Tools

Currency System at a Glance

The Currency System family comprises the following products and services:

  • Currency Server (high performance, scalable server software solution for COM and Web service clients)
  • Managed Services (.NET and SOAP Web services, and XML, CSV and INI data feeds)
  • Web Tools (currency converters, pop-ups, gadgets, widgets, Flash, Ajax, wallet sheets, and more)
  • Calculators (fully customizable stand-alone currency calculators and converters for Windows, connecting to Currency Server for rates and optional banner data)

Top 10 Advantages

  • Quality - The software and services were originally born out of Cloanto, who has a reputation for quality software solutions. Each application was engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations as well as those of millions of users. We encourage you to freely try out the server software and documentation, the services, or the client tools, and let them speak for themselves.
  • Experience - Today's Currency System applications are the result of years of experience and refinements. Cloanto's line of currency solutions has been widely deployed since the 1990s, and the client and server software played a very active and successful role for governments, businesses and consumers during the first euro transition phase.
  • Scalability - The software and services can scale as your needs grow. You can start from an entry-level Managed Service and later deploy one or more local instances of Currency Servers without changing a single line of code.
  • Independence - Beyond the freedom to switch between a managed service and the server software, Currency Server adds supports for multiple independent providers of exchange rate data (both free and official, and commercial services) out of the box and can easily be extended to support additional sources. This means that you can invest in one solution today knowing that it will keep working tomorrow, and retaining the freedom to change provider with one mouse click should your requirements change.
  • Performance and Reliability - By working locally rather than relying on remote servers for each transaction, Currency Server provides a unique level of performance and reliability. As the server software caches the currency data and keeps satisfying client requests even when the remote exchange rate data is unavailable or corrupt, system lags are minimized and the services are always available to satisfy thousands of information and conversion requests per second.
  • Unified Interface - Regardless of whether you switch from a managed service to an in-house server, or if you change your preferred provider of exchange rate data, or if the data provider introduces changes on its side, your access interface stays the same, preserving your code investment.
  • Powerful Administration - Currency Server is easier to deploy and easier to use than other tools, and was designed to make your life as an administrator easier, not more difficult. A mature and refined user interface and documentation, and advanced administration, monitoring and notification options assure ease of use, fault tolerance and peace of mind.
  • More than Exchange Rates - All components of Currency System were designed to not only manage the dynamics of exchange rates, but also to deal with changes in currency codes, currency names, new currencies, variations in smallest units, changes in currency unions, etc. We monitor the world of currencies so you don't have to.
  • Ready for Tomorrow - The software in distribution today is ready to support future EMU currencies as well as other changes to currency codes, names, smallest units, unions, etc. Fully documented external data feed access interfaces, which include an XPath-enabled XML connector, guarantee virtually unlimited long-term support for current and future exchange rate data sources.
  • Competitive TCO - Currency System helps increase your sales while reducing your costs: clients comparing the TCO of different tools and services especially appreciated the option to smoothly scale from a managed service to locally-deployed server software, and the fact that Currency Server was easier to deploy and maintain, actually reduced problem and support cases, included support for future euro currencies, and offered a choice of both free and subscription-based rates.
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