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The calculator engine was designed to be a fully skinnable application which can completely replace the Windows system calculator operating in Standard mode, with the addition of advanced currency features.

Currency Functions

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Currency-enabled applications like WorldCalc, Euro Calculator and custom calculators created with Calculator Builder include the functionality of both a calculator and a currency converter with built-in support for the euro conversion rates (which are constant with respect to each other, during their transition period) as well as for all other currencies. The exchange rates of non-euro currencies fluctuate based on market conditions, therefore requiring daily updates. The software can automatically download official exchange rates from the internet or from a LAN, loading data prepared by Currency Server. The client app caches these exchange rates for off-line use.

The software meets the triangulation and precision specifications set by the Council of the European Union for the conversion of euro currencies, and can be configured to support all existing and future euro and non-euro currencies. The list of currencies and the exchange rate update procedures can be fully programmed either by the user or remotely.

The Clipboard interface makes it possible to not only copy and paste data, but also to automatically convert entire rows and columns of spreadsheet data from one currency to another.

Calculator Functions

The calculator has a variety of built-in functions which can be used to configure the user interface for custom needs.

The following functions are available in the default configuration (as in the "Gold" and "Silver" skins): Plus, Minus, Multiply, Divide, Decimal, Change Sign, Equals, Percent, Square (by pressing "Multiply Equals"), Square Root ("Divide Equals"), Memory Clear/Recall/Set/Add, Clear, Clear All ( "Clear Clear"), Backspace, Euro (converts to/from euro currency unit) and drop-down menu with list of units. This configuration was designed to offer the full functionality of the Windows system calculator (Standard Mode), plus currency conversions.

Skin files can be used to change the layout and to add/remove functionality. Additional keys that can be programmed include: Multiply and divide by Constant (very useful for adding or removing VAT), Double-Zero, Triple-Zero, Reciprocal ("1/x"), Square, Square Root, Base Conversion, Bitwise Operators, Clear All, Convert to Previously-Used Unit and Convert to Preset Unit. More advanced features include support for advertising banners, dual display, skin selection menu, button shortcuts to access the Skins tab and other software options, or to manually invoke an exchange rate data update.

For additional information please refer to:

Additional technical information is included in the Calculator Builder documentation.

System Requirements

The calculator and currency conversion engine have been tested on x86 and x64 editions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3 and equivalent Windows Server editions. The software passed independent testing by VeriTest.

The user interface and context help texts are in English, German, French and Italian. By default the user interface language is the same as the Windows language.

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