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Web Service

The Web Service consists of a managed version of the Web service provided by the Currency Server software. Rather than running locally (which has some possible advantages in terms of performance, configuration and administration options), the software runs on a cluster of servers that are part of Cloanto's Currency System platform.The Currency System Web service completed the .NET Connected Logo test

The Currency System Web Service has been operating as a UDDI-registered service since 2001, and successfully passed .NET Connected Logo testing by VeriTest.

The Web Service is described at (for a formal service description see the WSDL file). Full documentation is included under "Programming Interfaces", in the the Currency Server software documentation. "CurrencyServer4.asmx" and other previous-version access points remain available for legacy support. For additional implementation procedures please refer to the Quality Checklist.

A yearly subscription to the Web Service for up to 50 accesses/day can be activated in the Purchase section. Fetching the entire set of rates counts as a single access. For more information:

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